list of state regulated & legal U.S. poker sites in 2014 - government licensed USA Poker Rooms

new usa poker rooms 2013 2014Online poker sites fall into two categories in 2014. There are the state regulated, fully licensed and fully legal US poker rooms. Then there are the more popular offshore online poker sites for U.S. players that have been dominating the American market for years. This page includes a list of the licensed and regulated, government backed online poker rooms for citizens of specific states, such as Ultimate Poker in Nevada. This list was originally compiled towards the end of 2013 but has been update in the fall of 2014. I've been updating this page on a regular basis because of the ever increasing number of states in the United States of America that are legalizing online poker for real money. How do the state-based legal US poker sites compare to the semi-legal, black market US poker rooms online in 2014? These are the topics I will talk about in this guide on fully licensed online poker rooms in the USA.

Legal Poker Site State Peak Traffic Services Public Reception
newest us poker sites 2014 Nevada 300 cash players Poker states with legal poker
usa licensed poker sites 2014 Nevada 200 cash players Poker & Casino newest licensed online poker sites 2014
new legal us poker rooms 2014 Delaware 175 cash players Poker & Casino all legal us poker rooms 2014
legalized usa poker rooms 2014 New Jersey 250 cash players Poker new legal sites poker
new legal us poker rooms 2014 New Jersey 150 cash players Poker usa states with new online poker 2014
new legal us poker rooms 2014 New Jersey 125 cash players Poker & Casino new legal poker rooms usa

The reception that these legal, new US poker sites have received in the specific states where they are available has been dismal. Few industry experts expected the first legal and regulated online poker rooms would be such flops. Granted, they are the newest online poker rooms and they have to deal with the same problems that all new poker sites have to deal with but that hardly explains the extremely low traffic numbers. There are more people playing in a tournament at a U.S. friendly poker room like Bet Online Poker than every single real money player during peak hours at all three of these legal rooms combined. This Bet Online Poker review in 2014 will provide more info about real money traffic at the top U.S. poker site. How do the legal U.S. poker sites compare to the offshore, semi legal US poker rooms? The newest US poker site and network is Full Flush Poker on the Equity Poker Network. This 2014 Full Flush Poker review explains more. This new room is already above 1,000 peak players and you can claim a lot of free poker cash in 2014 when you use our link to visit the room and sign up. FullFlush Poker cashouts in 2014 have a 24-hour processing time guarantee when you cashout via check, Western Union or Moneygram. See for yourself:

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why have the state licensed, regulated and legal USA poker sites failed?

There are a number of reasons why most online poker players from the United States of America have chosen to continue playing at the US poker rooms that operate in a grey area legally. Over 98% of Internet poker players from the U.S.A. can be found at the offshore, poker rooms based outside of the USA. The obvious answer would be that the offshore poker sites are much larger but if the legal, state-backed poker rooms were successful they would dominate the industry, at least inside of the specific states. That has not been the case. The fact that you have to be a resident of Nevada to play at Ultimate Poker and WSOP Poker or a resident of Delaware to play at the Delaware Park poker room has certainly hurt but there are other reasons. Ultimate Poker is a good example. They have a mediocre promotional line-up. Their software is truly one of the worst. Many players have been dealt the same card twice in the same hand. These three states are not that large either. For most of 2014 I predict that the unlicensed US poker sites like Bovada Poker, America's Cardroom and Bet Online Poker will dominate the US poker market.

U.S. states expected to legalize and regulate online poker in 2014 - upcoming legal rooms

Many state officials around the world are looking at the US states with legal online poker. Granted, they are probably not too impressed with what they see but they also see the mistakes being made. No one expects to make mistakes. They are likely looking at the revenues coming in from taxes and looking at their own deficits. There are quite a few U.S. states currently working on pro online gambling legislation. Here is a list of the states expected to legalize online poker in 2014.

  • California - Legal online poker in California would be huge.
  • Illinois - My home state. Legal poker in Illinois would also be huge as we are the 5th most populous state and we like to gamble. Plus perhaps I would be able to work with the poker room as an affiliate, an interesting thought.
  • Iowa - Ranks 30th for population. I can't think of a single other thing - good or bad - to say about Iowa. Take that as you will.
  • Massachusetts - 6.6 million people live here so legal online poker in Massachusetts would definitely make a splash.
  • Texas - This is the second most populous state in the USA. behind only California. Legal Texas poker sites will likely form a co-op with CA poker rooms and offer gambling services to both states.

Up until now there have only been small states in terms of population. CA, IL and Texas are all in the top 5, population wise. California alone has around 13X more people than Nevada and Delaware combined. It is also one of the world's largest economies. Legal online poker in California would generate massive amounts of revenue. My own state of Illinois ranks 5th in the USA so it makes sense that the government would do what it had to in order to start claiming this money. Myself and millions of other IL residents already play poker online and gambling at online casinos. Why not start taxing it?