new U.S. Poker Sites in 2014 -guide to the newest poker rooms for USA players

new usa poker rooms 2013 2014The atmosphere in the United States of America regarding online poker is one of anticipation and expectancy. The prospect of legal U.S. poker sites online became a reality in 2013. By of 2014 there are more than half a dozen legal US poker rooms but they are still tiny and restricted to Americans in 3 states. The best US poker rooms like Betonline have several more traffic than all of the licensed rooms combined, as this 2014 Betonline Poker review reveals. There were several fully legal and regulated state-based Internet poker rooms. Real money online poker is legal in Nevada and New Jersey and there are several poker sites currently operational there. As we head into 2014 there are more than half a dozen U.S. states pursuing legal online poker sites and the support for a federal online poker bill is significant enough to make it likely that legal U.S. poker sites will be open to all Americans in 2014. What will these new US poker sites be like? In Nevada they created a new online poker room from scratch - Ultimate Poker - and it has been a complete flop. Low traffic, inept management and mediocre promotions combined with horrendous poker software has turned the first legal USA poker room into an embarrassment for the gambling capital of the world.

There have been multiple reports of players there being dealt the same card twice. I like to joke that Ultimate Poker has a Suited Pair Jackpot promotion running. Later on in 2013 there was another new U.S. poker site: WSOP Poker. The problem with these state-based rooms is that they cannot accept U.S. players from other states. Why would anyone opt to play at Ultimate Poker - with their buggy software, 200-300 player traffic and complete lack of promotions over FullFlush Poker, one of the largest and certainly the newest online poker site for U.S. citizens in 2014. This Full Flush Poker review in 2014 covers payouts and our exclusive bonuses at this new poker room accepting USA players. Other states and federal officials are surely monitoring the situation in Nevada and New Jersey. Hopefully when other states or the federal government licenses new USA poker rooms in 2014 - legal rooms - they will look to the companies that already dominate the US poker industry. Why bother with a new company with untried software and meager experience when you can simply cut a deal with the rooms that already have millions of customers in the USA? Here are the best new US poker sites in 2014. There is a new US poker room called Full Flush Poker in 2014. I have added a mini review of them below.

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Some of these U.S. poker rooms are not new, why are they listed here?

These USA friendly poker sites grew greatly in 2013 and have continued to expand in 2014. Betonline used to just be a popular bookmaker and casino but now they are one of the largest online poker sites for U.S. citizens, the best live dealer casino for Americans (very hot girls), the only real money skill game room for U.S. players, one of the top mobile U.S.A. gambling services and much more. Bovada has grown even more. They are currently larger in terms of real money poker traffic than the entire Merge Gaming and Revolution Gaming poker networks combined. ACR is also much larger. These three US friendly poker rooms share one thing in common in 2014, they are have quick payout speeds for Americans. Are they "new US poker sites"? Not exactly. If you haven't played at any of them for over a year they will certainly be new to you due to the big software, promotional, loyalty and banking changes at each room.

why these new U.S. poker rooms are the largest and best in 2014 - US poker room reviews

The newest US poker sites in 2014 are not technically new. I could tell you about a new independent US friendly poker room PokerRebel. They accept Americans, they have brand new software, they are not part of a network. Sounds pretty interesting right? This new U.S. poker room is exactly what you are looking for right? Not exactly. The software may have been considered average if the room was launched 10 years ago. The traffic? More people are reading this article right now than are playing cards at Rebel Poker for real money. Right now, you are likely the only person on this site and it still holds true. This poker site for U.S. players may be new but nobody plays there. They can hardly get a few dozen people to play in their freerolls. They are the only genuine new US room that opened up in 2012. The new poker rooms for Americans that I will be featuring here are new in some ways and not new in others. There are some rooms who have made drastic changes to their established and trusted poker rooms. Two good examples are Bovada Poker and Betonline Poker. These two poker sites have picked up most of the traffic lost by Lock Poker and the Revolution Network and Carbon Poker on the Merge Gaming network, the former #1 and #2 US poker sites. The fall of Lock Poker and the Revolution network was caused by 10+ month payouts.

The fall of Carbon Poker and the Merge network was caused by 4-6 month payouts and a partnership with the biggest crooks in the US poker industry: Hundreds of Merge accounts across dozens of skins are being closed by and perhaps it is just luck that the same people closing the accounts get to keep the money in them. No conflict of interest there. Me and my fiance lost a dozen accounts at various Merge skins recently. claimed that years ago I requested that an account be closed. I don't think I did but lets assume so. They are using that to say that I have a gambling problem and thus all of my - and my fiance's for some reason - accounts have been closed. I got very lucky and got most of the money out, since I am an affiliate, employees never once acknowledged the fact that there were funds in the accounts. They simply ignored that part of every email I sent. So the former leading networks are shadows of their former selves. Sorry about the rant! I could talk about it for hours but you are here looking for new poker rooms for USA players in 2014, and that is what you shall have. Bovada Poker picked up the majority of the Americans, making them nearly twice as large as any other U.S. poker site. Bet Online Poker also doubled in size in 2013. Americas Cardroom has also done very well. I will explain why these established online poker sites deserve to be classified as new U.S. poker rooms in 2014.

  • new usa poker networkThe Equity network is a brand new U.S. poker network in 2014. There are a few new USA poker rooms on it but the flagship room and the one that provides nearly 100% of the traffic is Full Flush Poker. FullFlush is a brand new U.S. poker site in 2014 and it is not just some generic skin on an existing network. It is basically a new USA independent poker room for all intents and purposes. In just a matter of months they went from having 0 peak real money traffic to around 1,000 players, making them a mid sized room in America. They are growing fast so it won't be long before this new poker site is the size of much older rooms like Carbon Poker. Like all new poker rooms they have been drawing in new players by giving away vast sums of money. Full Flush Poker has a number of promotions and bonuses that both depositing and non-depositing players can claim. Free poker money only goes so far though. The true key to their success has been their turbo U.S. payouts. Full Flush Poker guarantees that your check, Moneygram and Western Union cashouts will be processed within 24 hours. Many rooms "process" payouts for a few weeks or more, which basically means they do nothing so the 24 hour guarantee is significant in 2014. Our 2014 Full Flush Poker review explains more. When you use our link to visit this new online poker site USA in 2014 (or download here) you will receive a 150% bonus up to $600, 20% instant cashback (a rebate) on your deposit and 10 FullFlushPoker Coins. These coins can be used as buy-in chips for private $500 poker tournaments with extremely small playing fields, making each chip worth $10 or more.
  • newest poker rooms usaWhy Betonline Poker is a new US poker room - Bet Online was just a U.S. sports book and casino for many years. They added poker a few years ago and they opted out of being in a network. They were small and most people didn't even know about them. When payouts started slowing down at the leading U.S. poker sites in 2012 Bet Online started growing. The 12-36 hour MG/WU payouts, 3 different check cashout speed options and their turbo bank wires drew in many new players. Being the only US poker site to accept Mastercard deposits from Americans helped too. Bet Online didn't know what to do with this traffic. This is clear when you consider the fact that they just started offering a real poker bonus in mid 2013. Before that poker players could only claim the 25% sports bonus. Bet Online has parlayed their popularity into much more. They have been adding and improving services non-stop. A few examples include a real money skill game room, a live dealer casino and mobile gambling. Bet Online Poker has upgraded their software and their promotions. If you played at BOL Poker a year ago you would not recognize it today. Use this link to visit the Bet Online web site and sign up. Our link provides a 200% bonus up to $2,500, 10% cashback, a 7% rebate, $10 free and $125 in free sports bets and casino wagers.
  • us poker rooms newAmericas Cardroom - Americas Cardroom is an old brand, commonly referred to as ACR. I wouldn't have thought to promote them a couple years ago. I first noticed them on p2p money trading threads/ There were a lot of people looking to buy or sell funds at ACR, at nearly 1:1 rates. A failing room like Lock Poker sells for $.15 on the dollar. ACR is $.95 on the dollar. I looked into it and found that they recently came to a new network and that they handle their own payment processing. ACR payouts are just as fast as Bovada and Betonline, 1-3 days or WU/MG, 7-10 days for checks and they even offer ATM cards. They have new promos, a new VIP program and new bonuses. They also have a Badbeat Jackpot (currently at $16,000) and a monthly progressive rake race jackpot (currently at $48,000). For all intents and purposes, Americas Cardroom is a brand new U.S. poker site in 2014. Use this link to visit the ACR web site and sign up. Our link provides a 100% bonus up to $1,000 and MTT tickets.

Fully legal and licensed US poker rooms in 2014

Here are the new state licensed and legal US poker rooms as of 2014. They have not been a huge success and they are only open to residents of the particular state. The vast majority of Americans, even those who live in state with legal online poker, have continued to play at the top US poker rooms like Bovada Poker, ACR Poker and Bet Online Poker.

Legal Poker Site State Peak Traffic Services Public Reception
newest us poker sites 2014 Nevada 300 cash players Poker states with legal poker
usa licensed poker sites 2014 Nevada 200 cash players Poker & Casino newest licensed online poker sites 2014
new legal us poker rooms 2014 Delaware 175 cash players Poker & Casino all legal us poker rooms 2014
legalized usa poker rooms 2014 New Jersey 250 cash players Poker new legal sites poker
new legal us poker rooms 2014 New Jersey 150 cash players Poker usa states with new online poker 2014
new legal us poker rooms 2014 New Jersey 125 cash players Poker & Casino new legal poker rooms usa